Chicken Stock


Today I’m making Chicken Stock or Broth.
I’m not exactly sure the difference. I read that stock uses bone but broth uses meat but then there is bone broth so that throws me for a loop. Another thing I read that is stock is cooked much longer opposed to broth that is done quicker. I like to stick to calling it stock since I’m cooking it for a long time!

There are a few reasons why I’m excited about this.

  1. I feel like I make several recipes that call for broth. I used to buy the powder because it was cheap and I always had it one hand. Now that we are trying to eat better I figured I would make my own.
  2. It’s free! Since I bought some organic whole chickens and we planned on eating them, I consider whatever is left (the bones) to be free since I would otherwise throw them away.
  3. It’s super good for you. I’ve read some great blogs about the health benefits and let me tell you they are WAY better than whatever that powder was doing for us (or to us…).

Here’s what I did.

Cooked my chicken in the crock pot.


Took everything left, that I didn’t want to eat – skin fat bones etc. and put back in crock pot

Added water (4-6 cups depending on how big your chicken was)

Added veggies (optional) – I have heard some say they don’t add anything. I throw in a little of whatever I have. Ideas are onion, garlic, carrots, & parsley.

Some cut or saw the bones to get more from the marrow. Others swear that apple cider vinegar helps pull out nutrients.

Turn crock pot on low. (you don’t want to boil it) some do 5 hours some say 10 I have heard up to 40! I try to shoot for 6-8ish.

Once your ready strain and pour into containers. I save glass jars from things like pickles & jelly and use those to avoid plastic. I like to have a bunch of 1 cup servings because thats usually what my recipes call for, but obviously you can do whatever.

Let cool so that the glass doesn’t break and then stick in freezer!

To get even more bang for your buck. After you collect your first batch, you can put the bones and such back in there again, put more water in and do it all over. I think I have only done it twice.

It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take a ton of work.

Here a great blog with more info:

What do you like to use stock/broth for? Any ideas on how to feed it to my toddler?


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