Our Little Turkey

Ella’s 1st Birthday fell on the day before Thanksgiving this year. To make the day extra special I decided to make her a turkey costume. My inspiration came from a peacock costume I found on Pinterest. Here’s the deets!

ย Turkey

1. Legs: I wanted orange tights for the legs, since it was around Halloween I thought they would be easy to find. Not true this year. There are some you can find on ebay and other sites but with shipping I didn’t feel like paying $15 for tights! So I bought some white ones at target for $4 (walmart has them for $3 I think) and then I dyed them with Rid. I first tried to use Tumeric to dye. But they turned out more yellow than I wanted so I caved and bought some Rid. I paid around $1.50 for the box and only used a little.

2. Body: I was looking for a brown long sleeved onsie. Also not as easy to find as you think. I guess you could also do the dye method again if you are having a hard time. I ended up find thing this one that said Gobble Gobble Gobble on it at TJ Maxx, I think it was last years style. It came with pants as well and I paid $7.

3. Feathers: For this I got a brown knitted headband. I found this on ebay for $1, including shipping. Then I went over to JoAnne Fabrics and got the tulle. I bought a few kinds to add to the texture. I got regular tool, glitter tool and a net kind. I got 1/8 of each color in glitter and net and 1/4 of the regular. My total was maybe $5. I cut into strips and knotted randomly onto the back half of the headband. It turned out way better than I imagined.

4. Bow: We love bows in this house, and Ella has a nice amount of hair to put them in! I have been wanting a really big one. I found this one on etsy for a few dollars.

483543_542642474207_1921583688_n 45326_542642409337_1190241334_n 16621_542642464227_131463114_n

I would love to see your little turkeys! I would also love to hear about any other costumes you have made for your babies.

Let me know if you have any questions!

UPDATE: Tiny Turkey was also able to wear the next year!



We’re Pregnant! Again….


We are back with another pregnancy announcement! Little Ella woke up to a Eviction Notice on her crib the other day. Poor thing ๐Ÿ™‚ We originally saw this on Pinterest and loved it. We ended up mostly showing family/friends/facebook this photo. My parents came to visit however and we just let them walk in the room and read it. Some were a bit confused most got it right away. Here is what it says if you can not read it ๐Ÿ™‚

“Please note that you are required to vacate the premises within 40 weeks as a new tenant is expected to move in in April. -Sincerely ย The Department of Family Planning”

It doesn’t seem as if Ella is quite ready but she’s got a few months!