We’re Pregnant!

Okay, so we are NOT actually pregnant. But I’m catching this blog up on old news. On our 6 month anniversary we took a trip to Florida to visit some of Justin’s family. (Nothing to do with 6 months) Justin ended up driving the whole way there. 26 hours I think. We did stop at a hotel. I slept in the back seat of the car. I would wake up and say “you okay? Want me to drive baby?” he would say “no I’m fine” and with that I would be asleep again. Turns out a few days later the pregnancy test said yes! No wonder I was so tired! I was about 5 weeks. On our way home we stopped at each of our parents houses to tell them the news. On Justin’s side of the family one of his sisters had several kids already but on my side this is the first baby. We sat them down and showed them a few photos of the trip. We saved this photo for last….


Justin looks like a weirdo in this photo but didn’t have much to choose from – and we are standing outside Taco Bell, keepin’ it classy

The reactions were great. It took them all a second to get it. My mom’s reaction was the best. She jumped and screamed for about 10 minutes I think while we just sat there with weird grins on our faces. Justin’s step-dad took a closer look for a minute to try to find the 3rd person before he got it. 🙂 We were all so so so excited and so so happy.

Here’s our 20 week ultrasound photo. IT’S A GIRL! We couldn’t be more happy. I always thought I wanted a boy first since that’s how it worked in my family and big brothers are good for protecting little sisters and making them tough, but the moment I got pregnant all I could imagine was a girl. I must have known. I didn’t tell anyone until the day before the ultrasound. I told Justin “I think I want a girl.” Best. thing. ever. 🙂 Image

Is this not the most adorable ultrasound photo you have ever seen? Look at her little nose! Cutest fetus in the world! 🙂