DIY Cloth Wipes


Since we use cloth diapers I thought I would try out cloth wipes. I search online for several recipes for making your own but ended up not really following them after the first or second time. I found that cloth wipes worked better for us anyways because I could just wrap them up in the dirty cloth diaper and throw in the wet bag and wash with diapers. With disposable wipes I would have to find a trash can.

I ended up cutting a flannel blanket into pieces. I didn’t sew the edges, they worked great when she was younger, now they are fraying a bit. I also used thin bath rags. I made sure the thin ones were for wipes and thick ones were for baths. 🙂

BUT want to know a even sneakier & cheaper way!? We use 7th Generation wipes for when we are out of the house and I got lazy and would wrap them in the cloth diaper and then they would go in the washer. I would normally pick them out of the washer and then throw away. A few got put into the dryer and back into the mix with my cloth wipes. Guess what! THEY WORK REALLY WELL! I have also washed them more than once. They are my new favorite cloth wipe, and they are free to reuse and soft and hold moisture well. Amazing. I have not tried any other brands. I usually toss them in the trash when they seem like they are getting old and new ones are always being added to the mix since we use them when we are out of the house. I also like to use them for poops since I can throw them away.

As far as wipes solution goes I have a little bucket I put water from the tap in and squirt some baby wash (we use California Baby) in and just pour over the wipes. We keep the wipes in an old plastic wipe container. I then got lazy and just use plain water.

We have saved so much money only buying wipes for going out.

What do you use for wipes? Any great ideas? Have you tried doing this with other brands? Let me know!